Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The calm

Well it has been way too long since I have written on here. The crafting has slowed down to almost nothing. Why you might ask? It has been just way to busy here. Not only has my husband just returned from Afghanistan, but we found out the ARMY wants to move us. Which means the stress of moving across country, him leaving this job and the anticipation of a new job. Not to mention living in a new city.

We currently don't live in a city we live in a town. More like a village. We have a post office and a school. That is about it. We are moving to Virginia and will be outside of Washington DC. Talk about a change. Here in Kansas we have one elementary school. They have 35.

I feel like I am just overwhelmed at the things that have to be done. But they all can wait. I need to be working in my studio to help control my anxiety. If I don't use my cricut soon I feel like I will just bust. It is one of those deep down urges that you just can't control. We will see what we can do today.

I know this post has been a lot of rambling and not to the point. But that is what I feel like in my head. Things are just jumbled around in there.